Many of our products include a warranty that protects your purchase of XVZ products in the event of a defect. This may include refunding your purchase or replacement of your product with a similar /equivalent or comparable item. This warranty is only available to customers who purchased their items from www.xvzstore.com. Our friendly and responsive support team is happy to assist you with your warranty-related inquiries. Please contact us for more information.

Warranty Period

The warranty period is upto 1 years starts on the date of the item is purchased from xvzstore.com or an authorized retailer.

XVZ also provides other special warranty period, please review your product's documentation for information about the duration of warranty protection.

To verify your purchase and to better serve you, we may require information about your order (The sales receipt including date of purchase, order ID/number) ,warranty card, and when applicable, your product's serial number.


  1. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, theft, or confiscation of your XVZ products.
  2. The warranty will be invalidated if the product has not been used in accordance with the product documentation, or attempted repair by anyone other than an authorized facility.
  3. The warranty is only valid for purchases made directly from www.xvzstore.com
  4. Warranty service may not be carried out if above information is not available.
  5. Your warranty is non-transferable.

The XVZ Care Team will make a final determination regarding warranty service.